A.J. Burnett Takes No Hitter Into 8th Inning

Tue, Jul 31, 2012

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A.J. Burnett Takes No Hitter Into 8th Inning

A spectacular night for A.J. Burnett last night at Wrigley Field. More and more I’ve been immersing myself in this Pirates baseball season. I’ve always been a fan of the Pirates but I find myself actually making time to sit down and watch the Pirates play baseball this year. It’s been quite a ride so far, and while the only trade I didn’t care for this year was the Lincoln trade, I can’t really say that we downgraded anywhere really and that Neal Huntington actually did a fantastic job with what he had to work with.

That being said, I now expect the Pirates to up their payroll more and more every year(especially if the fans keep filling up the seats). Anyways, let’s get back to last night’s game and read the quotes Burnett had to say after the almost no-hitter and his comments on the real game. Personally, I think he got robbed by the umpire who wanted to make the game about himself when he called the ball just before the Pinch Hitter got his hit.

“I got caught up in it,” Burnett admitted. “I wanted to throw (a no-hitter). I started thinking about it in the third or fourth inning.”

Yea, this much was obvious but who wouldn’t get caught up in it? It’s a rare feat that happens a few times a year. It’s not as important as the perfect game, but it’s still a pretty rare and serious accomplishment for any starting pitcher.

“This game is up there with the best,” Barajas said. “I’ve caught games when he’s struck out 13, 14 guys. But it’s a different kind of A.J. Burnett than who we had in Toronto. He doesn’t miss as much anymore. He’s really learned how to pitch.”

Burnett is known for delivering shaving-cream pies to the faces of teammates after impressive feats. However, no one reciprocated to Burnett after the near no-no.

“I think the 25-plus hugs I got were enough,” Burnett said, smiling.

It’s just been a fantastic ride so far, and I like seeing that the Pirates actually have MLB talent on their roster now. It’s refreshing, and it’s getting the city of Pittsburgh involved. That much is obvious.

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