Bad Weather In Pittsburgh = Bad Drivers

Wed, Jan 6, 2010

Daily Pittsburgh News

Bad Weather In Pittsburgh = Bad Drivers

Today’s title is brought to you buy the idiots who drive around the city ignoring the fact that other people exist in weather conditions and have no regard for safety or any good stuff like that. I’ll be bringing you the news near the end of this post, but I can’t be the only person that feels this way, so I just have to get this off of my back.

Why in the world are people allowed to have a license that read the newspaper or do their make-up in their car on the way to work? I was driving on Route 28 today, and literally say a man rear-end another car because he was reading the newspaper. Now it was slow traffic, and the damage was minimal, but some things need to be addressed in this time and place. It’s evident more than ever; that driving is now second fiddle to our multi-tasking world we live in. People think that they can just drive their cars like they always do, but while driving, they try and do 6 other things at once. I’m all for thinning the herd on your own time, but please don’t get myself or anyone else involved in your shenanigans.

I guess it’s a subject that’s also growing as our generations get young and more tech-savvy.   I get the fact that all of our information processes faster than it ever has, and I get that us Americans demand the instant gratification route as we feel our time is more precious than anything.  Hell, I’m 23 and realize that this is how the world works, and it’s mostly the same as our bosses feel when we all work for a living too.  If it’s not done by now, it’s already late.  It’s frustrating but there really are things that deserve to have the proper attention paid to it, and driving is one of them.  That’s about all I have on the rant end today, and here’s your real Pittsburgh news.

It seems to be more prevalent in these past few weeks, and it really shouldn’t be.  Another child was found sleeping on a school bus after the kids had gotten off the bus to go to school.  The link for the actual article can be found here at Pittsburgh Tribune Reviews Website.  I’d really like to wonder why the kids are being left there, and why aren’t the bus drivers doing a sweep of the bus before they drop the kids off, or pull up so they can let the other buses in and do a quick check.  It’s not like these kids are teenagers, they are first graders and younger.  Seriously, how hard is it to get up and do a quick sweep?  It really can’t be that hard, oh wait, the bus drivers are unionized.  That explains everything.

Luca Caputi Pittsburgh Penguins

Luca Caputi Practicin'

Luca Caputi was called up, and scored a goal for the Penguins against the Thrashers last night.  It’s all well and good, and here’s to him making an impact on a top line “b.”  He played last year, and scored on his first shift, in his first NHL game, on his first shot.  I see good things from this power forward, and here’s to him growing into a body more suitable for the style.  Another 15-20 lbs on him and he’d be a beast.  Either way, here’s a link to‘s recap of the game last night.  Always entertaining stuff.  I’ve also come to enjoy their shots of when a player scores, and they find a person that’s doing something hilarious.  Just little stuff like that always keeps a reader going back.

There really is no good news out there in Pittsburgh today.  Going through various websites and RSS feeds, it’s mostly all criminal cases, and or deaths in the city.  There has to be more going on than that.  It’s partially why I talk about sports so much.  There just isn’t that much going on that’s worth talking about in a positive light.  I wish it were different, but it’s just not happening right now.

Actually, I just discovered a cool thing as I was typing that last paragraph. has a “How Did Pittsburgh Rank in 2009” It’s all compiled and and broken down into cool little tid-bits about the city(even if some of it is negative).  Here’s to us Pittsburghers getting ranked even better and showing the world that our little “steel” town is growing into more than what anyone could of ever imagined.

I am a huge Twitter person.  I think it’s easily one of the best SEO marketing tools out there.  Not only that, it’s become one of the strongest search tools that we have today.  Literally anything you can think of is on there.  Of course I’m on there, and I’m very active.  Become my follower and say hello!  I’ll gladly talk to anyone about anything, at anytime.  I’m sure some of my current followers can agree to that.  I love twitter, and there is nothing that anyone can do about it!  My Twitter profile for following can be found here, or at the side that says “follow me.”

Other than that, I’ve got no more news or anything like that related to Pittsburgh today.  I’ve begun working on my calender of events for and I’m going to be trying to integrate that sometime this week or next.  I hope it works out, because it will then add another step of functionality to this site.  I really think Yinz Guiz Will Luv It.

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3 Responses to “Bad Weather In Pittsburgh = Bad Drivers”

  1. Joan Says:

    I have to TOTALLY as far as the winter drivers go!! I am guilty, however, of putting on makeup on my morning drive. I do limit it to lipstick at red lights though. I’ve been driving in snow longer than you’ve been alive..egads, it’s true!! The one thing I that remains consistent every year is that there are 2 groups of winter drivers that make it more hazardous than it is already 1) The deathly afraid. If you are that scared…PLEASE call someone. 2) Those with no fear. Under no circumstances should you speed in snow/ice!! I am thankful to my Dad who told me my first winter as a driver to just go, take your time and call me ONLY if you get in trouble.(In the days w/no cellphones)There will not always be someone there to get you back and forth to work.

  2. Clay Says:

    Thanks for your input! I fall somewhere in the middle of the road. I keep the normal posted speeds and am extra cautious of my surroundings. That’s just how it has to be when it snows! Cheers!


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