Getting Refreshed With Pittsburgh

Mon, Nov 26, 2012

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Getting Refreshed With Pittsburgh

What can I really say, it’s been way too long and I haven’t been consistent with this site at all lately. Today, that has to change. I just recently checked out my stats, and for the year of 2012, I have 7,000 visitors that have come here through predominantly from Pittsburgh search and they haven’t seen any new or progressive content. Realizing this and actually seeing the stats for this site kind of depresses me. It’s an absolute shame that I neglected it and got burnt out. I did so much homegrown stuff on content creation and reaching out through Social Media to find an audience that in 4 years I ended up gaining 27,000 total visits, and bear in mind this site had little to no SEO at all.

Well I’m not going to worry about that anymore. I’m going to get back into a cycle that I’ve done earlier and get back to connecting with the awesome people of Pittsburgh, and not only that, I’m going to use my knowledge as an SEO guy and see what I can really do with this site with keyword targeting and trying to direct searches to this site even more so than I have now. I now have an absolutely fantastic spread of Pittsburgh related content here, but I need to start focusing it in a way that can attract the best kinds of Pittsburgh people and start creating real discussions.

While a lot of the news in my personal life hasn’t been displace here, I’ve recently taken a new job and it has gotten a lot busier than I could have imagined, but it’s busy in an awesome way and I’m super happy to work where I work and I’m making a lot of money, enough to buy some custom wood furniture for my new home, I love these costly things. On the side of all that, I’ve been creating websites that I hope to build like I’ve done with this Pittsburgh News website. If you’re interested in seeing some other sites I’ve started, you can see them below. Until next time, Pittsburgh friends. This site is about to come alive again!

My Project Sites:

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  1. Jim Stephens Says:

    It’s nice to see another update. This is my main site for an interesting take on Pittsburgh news. Keep up the great work on Yinzpitt!

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