Heinz Hall Closing For $2 Million Upgrades

Thu, Jan 13, 2011

Daily Pittsburgh News

Heinz Hall Closing For $2 Million Upgrades

Saw this bit of cool news, and decided to post about it here.  Heinz Hall will be closing down and getting a much needed upgrades to the building itself.  I figured I’d post information about this, because everyone has the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens on lock down.  It’s not like anything else can be said about those two teams, and I’m tired of hearing about it.

Anyways, here’s what they are exactly going to work on during the Heinz Hall closing:

The historic Downtown performing arts venue will close from June 27 to Sept. 2 for work on its roof and interior, including installation of new rigging and a sound system.

“You can’t be making noises on the roof and tearing up the rigging and the building and try to use the stage for performances. It just doesn’t work,” Carl Mancuso, Heinz Hall vice president and manager, said Wednesday.

The roof needs repairs, he said, to prevent water leaks that could damage the building’s ornate interior. The stage rigging will be upgraded to handle larger and heavier scenery that comes with touring shows, and the sound system and spotlight booth need improvements.

The building is home to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, but it won’t cancel concerts to accommodate the $2 million project. Symphony officials said work would begin after the season’s final Pops programs, and officials are planning the symphony schedule accordingly. Heinz Hall hosts national Broadway touring shows, the Robert Morris University Speakers Series and other events.

All so interesting, and them upgrading the sound system is a plus.  I’ve been there a few times, and have actually noticed the leaks, and it would have been a shame if if wasn’t repaired.  The woodwork in the building is simply stunning, and if you’re interested in a place to visit while in Pittsburgh.  Look up some concerts when it re-opens and give it a visit.


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