JetBlue Eliminating Pittsburgh To New York City Flights

Tue, Nov 27, 2012

Pittsburgh News

JetBlue Eliminating Pittsburgh To New York City Flights

JetBlue announced yesterday that it was discontinuing the Pittsburgh To New York City flights due to the route not being able to turn a profit. The route was flying for times a day and was in operation since 2006. What does this mean for anyone looking to fly directly to New York City via Pittsburgh? The airfares are going to rise to an even higher amount to get to NYC.

With JetBlue ending the routes to NYC. That leaves Delta Airlines and US Airways as the two airline companies still flying directly into New York City, and United Continental has regional service that flies passengers into Newark, NJ. Which is just outside New York City. The absolutely ridiculous thing about flight costs already? Airfare in March is already up to $600 round trip, as opposed to the $133 it costs round trip now. I figured the prices would shoot up into the $300 range, not a little under 5 times the cost it is now.

This quote is from the Post Gazette Article discussing the route cancellation and the price increases of the other airlines:

Michael Boyd, a Colorado-based aviation consultant, said he’s not surprised by the markups. He noted that the same thing happened when Southwest Airlines dropped nonstop service to Philadelphia earlier this year, leaving US Airways as the sole carrier on the route. Round trip fares shot up from $118 to $698.

“When you lose competition, you’re going to lose some pricing discipline. But if airlines can make money on [the higher fare], that’s what they’re going to charge. They’re not in the charity business. They’re not competing with Mother Teresa,” he said.

That’s not to say Mr. Boyd viewed a $620 fare to the Big Apple and back as reasonable.

“I do think it’s out of whack. I don’t want to fly it. The reality is that if that’s what the airlines can get, they’re going to get it,” he said. “If you can get $600, why would you charge $300 just to be nice?”

The airlines didn’t say much about the increases.

Of course the airlines didn’t say much about it. If the airlines can get away with price gouging the consumer until the consumer decides to stop paying the ridiculous price, why would they have a reason to change? Not that I agree with what they’re charging, but airline choice is pretty much a consumer driven business when it matters, so if the flights and the routes drop, then the airlines will adjust their charges. That being said, good luck to JetBlue and there future endeavors, hopefully they bring back the Pittsburgh to NYC route, even if it’s 1-2 flights a day.

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