Miller and Pouncey Selected to 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

Thu, Dec 27, 2012

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Miller and Pouncey Selected to 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

Amidst the Pittsburgh Snowmageddon and havoc that the weather caused. The NFL released their pro bowl rosters for 2013. For 2013, only two Pittsburgh Steelers players were selected to the Pro-Bowl. Center Maurkice Pouncey(his 3rd straight time) and tight-end Heath Miller(his second).

This is in reality, the long bright spot from the Pittsburgh Steelers this season. Well I guess I can’t say lone spot, as Charlie Batch did overcome the odds and beat the Ravens in Baltimore. It is however one of the few things that I actually got excited about for the Steelers.

I mean really, good for Heath as he was the only real good thing to come from Todd Haley’s offensive scheme. It was something that I didn’t understand in the past about why Heath was never used with earlier offensive coordinators  but thankfully Haley had offensive plays tailored to Heath’s ability.

My hatred for Haley’s offense aside, it is actually pretty stunning that Ryan Clark didn’t make the pro-bowl. I thought he had a fantastic season and really deserved to get those honors this year.

The one crazy thing about all of this, is that if no more Steelers are added to the roster before the Pro Bowl happens, it will be the fewest players the Pittsburgh Steelers have had attending since 2001 when they only had one player attend. They’ve had 3 players attend a year consecutively since then.

Quote from Miller:

“It‘s definitely an honor to be named to the Pro Bowl team,” Miller said. “It‘s not why I play the game, and I am sure all of our guys would say the same thing. But you take it as a compliment. I wish it were under different circumstances.”

When Miller speaks everyone should listen. When it comes to be a professional sports figure, he’s the cream of the crop. Everything this guy says is golden in terms of being a team player and a guy that fans can relate with.

Quote from Pouncey:

“The first time we were in the Super Bowl, and last year, I didn‘t get to go because of offseason surgery. It means a lot to take my family to Hawaii,” Pouncey said.

Good for Pouncey too. Although I wish he wasn’t attending this year’s Pro Bowl for his first reason for not attending the game.

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