Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse, Totally Disheartening

Tue, Sep 25, 2012

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Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse, Totally Disheartening

We all felt that this was going to be the year. It’s a shame that the emotion we’ve felt since the MLB All-Star break has been nothing but heartbreak for us Pirates fans. The Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse has been nothing short of an embarrassment to the city of Pittsburgh and the fans that love the team dearly. It’s even worse that it’s happened two years in a row.

Although it shouldn’t really be that surprising given the talent that’s been placed on the field. The sad thing is, is that it’s not like Pirates didn’t over-achieve. I feel more like they got lucky and shouldn’t of even have what they done in the first place. It’s just a shame really, and I’m really just plain sick of even thinking of baseball this summer. The Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse has absolutely broken my will to cheer for this team in hopes that they get to .500 baseball. The way it looks now, even that looks bleak.

Can you really believe it though? At one point they were 16-17 games above .500. It’s just stunning that they’ve played that terrible to absolutely crush their place in the standings and make another losing season that much clearer.

I’m at the point that it’s not even worth debating about this Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse, but I might as well as this question anyways…

How do you feel about this Pittsburgh Pirates Collapse?

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