Pittsburgh Pirates Won’t Make Management Changes

Wed, Sep 26, 2012

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Pittsburgh Pirates Won’t Make Management Changes

I’m absolutely appalled at the statement that was released yesterday by Pittsburgh Pirates team president Frank Coonelly. Despite the epic collapse, Frank Coonelly says that the Pittsburgh Pirates won’t be firing or ending the contracts of General Manager Neal Huntington, Head Coach Clint Hurdle, and assistant general managers Kyle Stark and Greg Smith.

Here’s the full text of Coonelly’s statement;

“For the second consecutive year, we put ourselves in an excellent position to meet our objective of winning our division but did not play nearly well enough during the last two months of the season to accomplish it. Our fans are understandably disappointed and frustrated, as is every individual in the organization.

“As soon as we finish this season as well as we possibly can, we will turn our full and total attention to evaluating why were unable to finish the job and what we must do differently to take the next step to becoming a championship team. There will unquestionably be changes made to the way in which we operate as a result of this thorough critical self-evaluation, but we will not be making personnel changes at the very top of our baseball operations department. Neal, Kyle, Greg and Clint are dedicated and intelligent baseball men in whom I have great confidence.

“Confidence in and support of Neal, Kyle and Greg should not be misunderstood with acceptance of another poor finish at the Major League level. We must understand why the quality of our execution and play deteriorated so markedly in August. Finishing was the focus from spring training but it certainly was not achieved.”

The funny thing about this release is that it feels almost exactly the same way last year’s statement was when Frank Coonelly released it. I understand why Hurdle won’t be let go, and honestly I’m fine with it. He’s a coach who can only do so much with the players he’s given throughout the season.  Which means he literally has almost zero to work with.

My issue with Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington

My issue lies with the upper management not being fired. Neal Huntington should be fired swiftly without remorse, as he has had 5 year to run the helm of the team. He’s had multiple failed trades, multiple failed free agent signings, and has banked on little to no support for the major league team.

The main argument has been that he’s been re-stocking the minor league system. I feel that’s incorrect, and that’s even after they’ve had 6 prospects named to the top 100. It just so happens that more than half of those 6 picks have been consensus home run picks by just about everyone in baseball.

He’s had his chance, and he’s watched two season happen with catastrophic failures into the late summer. This most recent one being a historic level collapse. The trade support was awful, and the 5 years of “fixing the minor leagues” produced no help to the major league level ball club AGAIN as it was desperately needed throughout the end of July and August.

My issues with Assistant General Managers Kyle Stark and Greg Smith

I really don’t even think anything needs to be said about these guys. They’re apart of the Neal Huntington regime, and just recently had a report come out on their mental preparation with Pittsburgh Pirates prospects in the minor leagues.

Buc’s Dugout has an excellent piece on the Pittsburgh Pirates and the situation they’ve created in the minors.

The overall point is that Stark has gotten players hurt by doing these stronghold tactics. Which evidently didn’t help players with fundamental baseball skills that they sorely lack.

I don’t know, my overall summation is that why should I as a fan care anymore? After these two years, I’m tired of hearing that the Pittsburgh Pirates are “disappointed” with two embarrassing ends to the past two seasons.

That no longer does anything for me, and it’s really starting to show that the Pittsburgh Pirates either don’t care about this situation, or are just interested in doing what they’re doing now, and oh yea, all the while the Pittsburgh Pirates are raising ticket prices next year.

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