Pittsburgh Steelers Upset Baltimore Ravens

Mon, Dec 3, 2012

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Pittsburgh Steelers Upset Baltimore Ravens

If you would have said to me on Saturday that Charlie Batch would have led the Pittsburgh Steelers in a win over the Baltimore Ravens yesterday, I would have laughed and probably walked away. Boy, does it feel great to be completely proven wrong by a guy that I considered to be long past washed up for the NFL. All in all, it was a great game by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The turnover bug is still alive and well, and I was 100% convinced going into the 4th quarter that the Steelers were done when Batch threw the interception to Ed Reed in the end zone.

 “I wanted this opportunity because I played poorly last week,” he said. “I wanted an opportunity to come out here and lead this team.”

“To be able to go on the road and do something that nobody outside of our locker room thought that we could do is big,” Batch said.

Make no mistake about this game, the story of the week is Charlie Batch of the Pittsburgh Steelers. If this was going to be his last start ever in the NFL. He made this start one of the most memorable for himself and Pittsburgh Steelers fans all over the world by coming out and besting Joe Flacco(not really that hard to do when the pressure is on) and the Ravens. Another fantastic thing is that it was yet another week where we got to see John Harbaugh prance around with his mean face and cry about everything that happened to his team at an obscene level.

“That was a typical Pittsburgh-Baltimore game,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “It’s amazing how it works out that way.”

It sure was John. Except that you were favored by a touchdown in your own home, going against a beat up team, and a “third string” quarterback. That being said, it wasn’t all John’s fault(he’s just the coach after all). I’ll lay most of the blame on that elite quarterback Joe Flacco. If it isn’t known by now, mistakes are a quick way to kill your team, and while I thought the Steelers laid more out there, Joe Flacco did nothing but get in his own way repeatedly(with a little help from his receivers).

“I think we missed a couple of opportunities early to really take a hold of this game even more,” Flacco said. “I thought we could have put up 30 or 40 points today and we didn’t. I think that’s a reflection that we hurt ourselves.”

Hahaha. Yea Joe, your team/offense was so good that you could have done it no problem! Except you overthrew guys, over led guys, threw an interception, and didn’t realize enough that your internal clock didn’t count down for James Harrison bull rushing for that strip sack that ended the game for you. Joe Flacco didn’t help anyone, and every time someone calls him elite, I laugh and laugh.

The only thing that really sucks about the game is that we potentially lost Ike Taylor in the first few series of the game. His ankle was in a boot when he left the game, and Tomlin considered it “potentially serious.”

This picture below speaks volumes to how much Charlie Batch will remember this win against a team that was favored to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Way to go Charlie, you earned it.

Charlie Batch Crying Pittsburgh Steelers

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  1. Anthony Says:

    Hopefully, Big Ben will come back this week.

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