Russell Martin Signs With The Pittsburgh Pirates

Fri, Nov 30, 2012

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Russell Martin Signs With The Pittsburgh Pirates

Russell Martin ended his two-year relationship with the New York Yankees on Thursday and signed a 2 year, 17 million dollar deal with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Immediately, Pittsburgh Media groaned and moaned by calling it a Matt Morris deal and that this wasn’t a good option for the Pirates. Reading through the reporter’s twitter feeds, it’s become abundantly clear to me that they actually think the Pirates are a real MLB baseball team. A baseball team that free agents are clamoring to play for. Unfortunately, it’s just not the case now, and until the Pirates start winning games for an entire year, this will always be the case.

Russell Martin PiratesRussell Martin isn’t a bad option as a catcher. Sure, the Pittsburgh Pirates overpaid for a guy in the decline hitting wise. Martin’s batting average has dropped every single year for the past 3-4 years. However, he did hit 21 home runs last year(in a hitter friendly ballpark). It’s pretty much feast or famine with him now in terms of hitting, and it could get worse purely because of the position he plays and how demanding it is.

The good thing that I do like to read, is that people consider Russell Martin tough, athletic, and a workhorse as he’s played through many aches and pains over the years behind the plate. He’s one to not shy away from wild pitches and he’ll stand in front of a charging runner. Not to mention for his play behind the plate, Russell Martin was up for a Gold Glove this year.

The only justifiable gripe I have, is that the Pirates easily spent way too much on a guy in the decline. That being said, a lot of people felt the same way last year about A.J. Burnett coming to the Pirates. I’m hoping it all works out, and the Pirates aren’t done spending on legit MLB players that can actually play elsewhere if they weren’t on the Pirates.

Here’s some Russell Martin quotes about signing with the Pirates:

“I had a great time in New York,” Martin said by phone from Montreal, his hometown. “It was probably the best baseball experience of my life. But this is the business, and it was time to move on.”

“I’m really looking forward to going to the Pirates,” Martin said. “My boy A. J. Burnett is there, and I really like the direction they are going with a lot of good young talent. It’s going to be fun.”

He added: “I loved playing for the Yankees. The guys, the coaching staff and the fans of New York were all great, and I’ll cherish those memories. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll come back to New York.”

Here’s hoping that the honeymoon with the Pittsburgh Pirates lasts longer than it did with Barajas.

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